Why Support Us?

KIPP exists to address the national injustice in America’s education system. Children living in low-income communities are already 2-3 grades behind their higher-income peers by the time they reach 4th grade and only 1 in 10 low income students will graduate from college. In 2014, 95% of KIPP Metro Atlanta School's alumni graduated from high school and 81% received college acceptances. An investment in KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools is an investment in students’ and our communities’ future. For information about how you can help, please contact the Development Office at 404-924-6310. 



Our Funding Needs

Operating Needs

The additional funding needed falls into three categories:

KIPP Through College: we support our students to and through college with services provided by our KIPP Through College program. Click here to learn more.

Growth Capital: this includes start-up funding for new schools until they reach full enrollment and funding to support our Shared Service office, which provides expertise and operational efficiencies for new and existing schools.

KIPP Extras: these are KIPP specific priorities such as our extended day, year, and field lessons.

FY11 Budget



We currently operate 8 schools in Metro Atlanta including three elementary schools, four middle schools, and one high school. By 2018, we plan to serve approximately 3,300 students. Over time, we envision a seamless K-12 experience for our students that provides the highest level of academic and character development and embraces all that is possible in public education.