Our Mission

It is the mission of KIPP Atlanta Collegiate (KAC) to provide rigorous academic and character skills that will ensure our students get to and through college with the resources to thrive in their future pursuits.

Our History

KIPP Atlanta Collegiate High School was founded in 2011 by Dave Howland, a former KIPP WAYS teacher and KIPP Fisher Fellowship award recipient. As the first KIPP high school in the Atlanta area, KAC builds on the success of nearly 20 KIPP high schools nation-wide that complete the pipeline to college for KIPPsters. Although any incoming freshman eligible to attend an Atlanta Public School is welcome to attend, KAC’s founding class of student serves many students who have made an early commitment to college by attending a KIPP middle school.


Our Community

KIPP Atlanta Collegiate High School is located in west Atlanta in the beautiful, newly-renovated former Turner Middle School facility. KAC students hail from private, public and charter middle schools throughout the city of Atlanta.


Our Culture

KAC believes that the following core components will empower students to define and develop their passions and determine their goals for the future:

  • Rigorous academic curriculum
  • Explicit teaching of problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Peer and teacher collaboration
  • Self-Directed project based study
  • Data-Driven curriculum planning
  • Commitment to having a positive influence on their community and greater world.


  • Unity: This core value reflects the knowledge that we are stronger together as a unit than we can ever be individually. We will work together to support one another academically and socially to ensure that we will all be successful in getting to and through college despite whatever challenges might try to stop us or divert us individually.


  • Honor: This core value reflects a level of integrity in one's beliefs and actions. We will act respectfully and responsibly towards one another because it is part of our internal code that will sustain us and protect us. By acting with honor we can guarantee that our actions will never diminish our character.


  • Tenacity: This core value represents the grit and mental toughness that will be required to overcome the many obstacles that we will face. By being tenacious in our pursuit of college, we will make sure that we minimize our distractions and persevere through the difficult times while staying on track.


  • Innovation: Innovation will be facilitated through project-based learning, annual research assessments, student-centered instructional practices, celebration and recognition of student practices that demonstrate innovation, inter-session programming, integration of objectives across content areas and a focus on critical thinking and problem-solving.


  • Humanity: This core value reflects the common goodness of the human spirit that unites us all and must be protected at all costs. As Martin Luther King wrote, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” Our common “human-ness” connects us to all other individuals on this planet and we must focus on strengthening those bonds whenever the opportunity arises.