There Are No Shortcuts

At KIPP Atlanta Collegiate High School, we believe there are no shortcuts to success.  Our teachers, students and parents sign the KIPP Commitment to Excellence to ensure everyone understands the dedication and hard work it takes to obtain a college education.   To ensure all students obtain the knowledge and skills they need to be successful on the “climb to college,” we offer more time in school. We provide additional tutoring on select Saturdays throughout the year.  Additionally, KIPP Atlanta Collegiate begins the regular school year with a summer session to introduce our new students to all our routines and procedures and it provides opportunities for our returning students to adjust to the new school year and routines. 

Our Academic Program

Diverse Extracurricular Activities: All KAC students will participate in at least one extracurricular sport or clubs per year.

Daily Advisory: Students are placed in small, gender-based advisories which meet daily and remain with the same advisor throughout their time at KAC to ensure that they stay on track towards graduation.

Service Learning:  In order to complete 140 hours of community service throughout their four years at KAC, students will participate in service learning activities in and outside of school.

Structured Learning Environment: All students can achieve at higher levels when given a highly structured and disciplined learning environment in which to thrive.  KAC students wear uniforms and be held to a consistent code of discipline to support their social and intellectual development.

Summer Orientation: During the month of July, all new students attend an orientation program designed to cultivate a strong team culture and introduce essential skills to aid their transition to high school.

Work Hard. Be Nice.

KIPP Atlanta Collegiate uses a system of merits and demerits to help students track their behavior and social development.  Merits are issued to students who are demonstrating either a positive behavioral change or who are going above and beyond to demonstrate one of KAC’s five core values.  Accumulation of merits results in a variety of awards from earning extra privileges during lunch, monthly rewards, as well as quarterly drawings for gift cards. Students are issued demerits whenever they are not meeting the stated expectations of the school.  Demerits are tracked on a daily basis and when the student earns an excessive number of demerits they are subject to specific consequences including Saturday Detention and suspension.

Electives and Extra-Curriculars

KIPP Atlanta Collegiate provides a robust college-prep program that delivers instruction in a number of areas in addition to the core content areas. In addition to after-school offerings, KAC has a designated “KIPP Block” for 60 minutes four days a week during which students may explore a number of different areas, and time within the daily schedule to participate in enrichment courses for credit toward graduation. Current enrichment offerings will be expanded as the school grows and include (but are not limited to) the following:


KIPP Atlanta Collegiate currently has a robust music program with both a credit-bearing concert band class which meets daily as well as an impressive marching band, “The Sounds of Royalty” which boasts over 45 students. The band program also includes a dance line team.


Through a unique partnership with Moving In The Spirit, KIPP Atlanta Collegiate offers an intensive dance program that marries character development and leadership building with contemporary dance training. Moving in the Spirit, a nationally recognized youth development program, uses dance to positively transform the lives of children and teens throughout Atlanta, Georgia.


In addition to team sports, all students participate in a standards-aligned physical education program that includes explicit instruction in physical and mental health, rules and regulations of team and individual sports, and physical conditioning. The KIPP Atlanta Collegiate facility provides ample greenspace through vast parks adjacent to the property and a state-of-the-art gymnasium.