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KIPP STRIVE Academy is a free, public charter school. Admission to KIPP STRIVE Academy is granted to students regardless of prior academic record, conduct or socioeconomic background.  This means there are no academic requirements that need to be met for enrollment. The only enrollment requirement is that your child resides within the Atlanta Public Schools district. If there are more interested students and families than we have space for, a lottery is conducted for admission. Upon enrollment, you will be asked to sign the school's Commitment to Excellence which outlines the commitments you, your child, and your child’s teacher agree to make to ensure a successful experience at KIPP STRIVE Academy. 

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Open enrollment for the 2016-17 school year has closed. You may submit a waitlist application below. 

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Open House Information

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Enrollment Process

Enrollment Period

Any student zoned to Atlanta Public Schools is eligible for enrollment in KIPP STRIVE Academy. KIPP is a four-year program, and therefore students are expected to commit to the school from 5th to 8th grade. Families are encouraged to enroll during their child’s 4th grade year (for 5th grade) as slots are very limited in upper grades. There is no academic prerequisite for admission to KIPP STRIVE Academy. Open enrollment began on January 1, 2016 and ended at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, March 15, 2016.

Attendance Zone

The attendance zone for KIPP STRIVE Middle School is divided into three areas. First priority is given to children of families living in Focus Area 1, which is comprised of the 30310 zip code. If space allows, priority is given next to children of families living in Focus Area 2, which is comprised of students living in the 30311 zip code. Focus Area 3 includes all areas within the APS attendance zone that are not within the 30310 or 30311 zip codes.


Interested families may apply by completing an online application during open enrollment.

  • School Choice: By completing one application per student, parents may select up to three school choices, based on grade level availability.
  • Eligibility: Students must be eligible to attend Atlanta Public Schools in order to apply to KIPP STRIVE Academy. Applications submitted with an ineligible address will not be approved and will not be included in the lottery. You may confirm your eligibility for the Atlanta Public Schools' attendance zone by clicking here.
  • Duplicate Applications: Parents must submit one application per student. Multiple applications for the same student will be discarded.
  • Multiple Births (twins, triplets): Multiple births may use one application form and will be treated identically during the application, lottery, and waitlist process. If multiple birth students are not applying to the same grade level, a separate application must be completed for each student.

Enrollment Priorities

Enrollment priorities will be applied to enrollment applications received during open enrollment as follows:

  • Priority 1: Student whose parent or guardian is a member of the KIPP Metro Atlanta Board of Directors or is an employee of KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools.
  • Priority 2: Student who is a sibling of a student currently enrolled in a KIPP Metro Atlanta school.
  • Priority 3: Student who matriculates from a KIPP Metro Atlanta school.
  • Priority 4: Student who resides in the charter attendance focus areas as described above.

Enrollment priorities will be verified before an application is approved and included in the lottery. Enrollment priorities are not applied after open enrollment closes; applications received after open enrollment closes are added to the end of the waitlist in order of receipt.


If the number of qualified applications completed during open enrollment to KIPP STRIVE Academy exceeds capacity, a lottery will be held on Wednesday, March 16, 2016. The lottery is a random selection process and is held once each year. Following the lottery, families will be notified of their child's school seat or waitlist status.

Students who are offered a seat at one of their school choices may also be waitlisted at one or more higher preference schools. The student will need to accept or decline the seat. If the student accepts the offered seat, the student will be removed from all waitlists. If the student declines the seat, the student will remain on the waitlist(s) for any higher preference schools until a seat becomes available and is accepted. 

Students who are offered a seat at their first choice school will need to accept that seat. If the student declines the seat, the student will be removed from the seated list and will not be placed on any waitlists.


After the open enrollment period closes on March 15th, interested parents may still submit an enrollment application. Applications received after open enrollment will place students at the end of the waiting list based on the order received. If seats become available after the lottery, they are filled by applicants, in order, on the waiting list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to attend?
KIPP STRIVE Academy is a 5th – 8th grade program. Any 4th grader zoned to Atlanta Public Schools is eligible to enroll for 5th grade. The school does not consider grades or test scores.

Because the KIPP experience is based upon a 4-year model, students are expected to commit to KIPP STRIVE Academy beginning in 5th grade. In order to make the school available to as many students as possible, KIPP STRIVE Academy will continue to admit new students in 6th grade if slots are available.

Where is the school located?
The school is located on Lucile Avenue in the West End area of Atlanta. 

What is a charter school?
KIPP STRIVE Academy is a free public charter school. The school operates using public tax dollars and its charter is authorized by the Atlanta Board of Education and the Georgia State Board of Education. Students are eligible for the same state and federal programs (including free or reduced lunch) at KIPP STRIVE Academy.

Are uniforms required?
Yes, students are required to wear uniforms each day. Uniform shirts are provided by the school for a small fee.

Is transportation provided?
The school is committed to working with families throughout West Atlanta to meet their transportation needs. Families outside the school's designated transportation zone may need to provide their own transportation.

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