Our Mission

The mission of KIPP South Fulton Academy is to strengthen the knowledge, skills, character, and physical fitness of students in South Fulton County, thereby creating opportunities for success in top-notch high schools, colleges, and the competitive world beyond.

Our History

KIPP South Fulton Academy opened in 2003 by school founder Marina Volanakis.  KIPP South Fulton Academy is a top performing public middle school.  In 2010, the Georgia Public Policy Foundation named KIPP South Fulton one of the top performing non-selective middle schools in the state of Georgia serving a student population that is more than 50% low-income. 

Our Community

KIPP South Fulton Academy is located in East Point, Georgia in South Fulton County. KIPP South Fulton Academy is a public charter school authorized by Fulton County Schools. 

Our Culture

Some of the features that make KIPP South Fulton Academy unique include:

  • Extended School Day, Week, and Year
  • Open Access to Teachers – Our small school environment enables us to create a family atmosphere where staff members build meaningful relationships with students and their families. KSFA students and parents have every faculty member’s cell phone number, allowing them to call whenever questions or concerns arise.
  • Incentives for Good Behavior – KSFA sets high standards for student behavior, and we teach students to accept the consequences of the choices they make. In addition to the negative consequences for poor decision-making, students who make good choices earn many rewards, including weekly “paychecks” that students can spend at a school store, special lunches on Saturdays, and monthly field trips, including a week-long trip in May.
  • Committing to Excellence – Upon making the choice to attend KSFA, all students and parents sign our Commitment Form, through which they pledge to do whatever it takes to become the most successful students they can be. The School Director and the child’s homeroom teacher also sign Commitment Forms, thereby committing to contribute in any way possible to the child’s education.
  • Educating the Whole Child – At KSFA, we believe that education should attend not only to the minds of our children, but to their bodies and spirits as well. Our program has a strong character education component, focusing on the core values of family and friendship, integrity, responsibility, and excellence. In addition, we incorporate a strong physical education piece to promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
  • College Focus – We put every child on a college track starting in the fifth grade.  Every child expects to go to college and knows what year he/she will graduate.