Breakfast and Lunch Menus

October 2015 Breakfast and Lunch Menus 

Parent Resources

KIPP South Fulton Academy 2015-16 Parent-Student Handbook

2015-16 KIPP South Fulton Academy Calendar

Title I Documents

Right to Know 2015-2016

Title I School Designation 2015-2016

Fulton County Schools 2015-2016 Student Code of Conduct

English Handbook

Spanish Handbook

Advisory Board

Tanya Das, Board Chairperson - Federal Reserve Bank

Oman Frame, Paideia School

Kimberly Kitchens, Emory University

Jason Martin, Educational Consultant

Kendi O'Mard, Clorox

Tom Sherrill, Sherrill & Hutchins

Andrew Williams, Price Waterhouse

Vonetta Daniels, President & CEO of VYD and Associates, LLC

You may email the Board at


Other Resources

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