Our Mission

It is the mission of KIPP Vision Academy to inspire students to develop a positive vision for their future in order to become socially and environmentally responsible students who are highly successful in high school, college and beyond.

Our History

KIPP Vision Academy was founded in 2010 by Steve Jones.

Our Community

KIPP Vision Academy is a free, college preparatory charter school.  KIPP Vision is located at 660 McWilliams Road Atlanta, GA 30315 (formerly Tull Waters Elementary).

Our Culture

Green Project Based Learning:

Part of KIPP Vision’s mission is to help students become environmentally responsible students and leaders.  In order to accomplish this mission, KVA will dedicate part of its Saturday school to a green curriculum.  The green curriculum will be problem based whereas students will identify a problem in their local environment or school and will plan a means to solve it.  By using a problem-based philosophy, students will be responsible for “driving” their own learning by their own questions.  Once students identify an environmental challenge, students will research and devise a plan of action to begin to determine ways to solve the environmental problems that they have identified.  Students will have one problem per quarter.