There Are No Shortcuts

KIPP Vision Primary will implement a college-preparatory focus through explicit character development and a focus on student accountability; rigorous academics with the supports in place to facilitate student success; strong foundations in literacy and critical thinking as a gateway to all content areas and future educational challenges; and a supportive, college-going culture that consistently reminds students and their families of the end goal of their hard work: success in college and beyond.

Our Academic Program

Balanced Literacy Framework

KVP will utilize Reading Street (by Scott Pearson) to plan for and enhance our literacy instruction and to build students’ love of reading through exposure to a variety of engaging literature genres.


KVP will utilize Every Day Counts, TERC and Cognitive Guided Instruction (CGI) to plan for and enhance our mathematics instruction.

Science and Social Studies

KVP will take a nonfiction approach to teaching science and social studies.  Science and Social studies lessons will be tied to literacy and math curricula where appropriate. Science and social studies curriculum will be administered in a designated period that is explicitly allotted for both science and social studies instruction. Teachers will teach each subject on alternating weeks. 

Summative Assessments & Measuring Academic Performance

In order to determine the skills each student possesses upon enrolling at KVP and tailor instruction to his/her needs, each student will participate in the Northwest Evaluation Association’s (NWEA) Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment within the first month of attendance at the school as a baseline of student achievement.

In addition to the MAP, all students will participate in the Strategic Teaching and Evaluation of Progress (STEP) literacy assessment as part of their baseline evaluation. This literacy assessment will be re-administered at the end of each trimester throughout each student’s tenure at KVP. Moreover, every three weeks, students will be assessed using AIMSweb Benchmark Assessment System.  This data will also be used to guide curriculum and instruction, and will be critical in KVP’s focus on building a strong literacy foundation for every student.

Students will participate in all required end-of-year Georgia tests (GKids, GCRCT and writing tests). These tests will provide data from year to year that will allow teachers and administrators at KVP to tailor instruction to the needs of KVP students and continually improve curriculum. Instructional staff to measure the academic growth of each student and cohort as the school expands to capacity will also use the data.