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KIPP Soul Primary

KIPP Soul Primary School is the ninth and newest KIPP school in Metro Atlanta, opening its doors to an inaugural class of 125 Kindergarteners in July 2018. KIPP Soul Primary School will open with Kindergarten and our school will grow by a grade level a year to educate grades K-4 in the 2022-23 school year. We are located at 1890 Detroit Avenue NW in West Atlanta, a few blocks from our KIPP high school. KIPP Soul Primary School is open to all eligible scholars in Atlanta Public Schools and offers city-wide enrollment.

Our Vision

KIPP Soul Primary’s vision is to courageously challenge the boundaries of our complex world and bloom anew each day as socially responsible and solutions-oriented leaders. With revolutionary love, leadership, honor, community and the strength of our souls we rise, emerge in beauty and powerfully pave a path toward a future of academic excellence combined with character and lifelong skills. With the strength of our minds and values of our hearts we emerge as critical thinkers, cultivating the journey to and through middle school, high school, college, and the competitive world beyond.


At KIPP Soul Primary, scholars will develop a passion for learning through their first instructional experiences. Scholars will have multiple opportunities to grapple with their thinking through exploration of academic concepts. Teachers cultivate confident scholars in literacy, complex mathematical topics, exploration of history, and scientific discovery through rigorous instruction and discourse. Teachers cultivate opportunities for scholars to productively struggle as they begin to explore the world around them and form an understanding of their unique scholarly identities. Each scholar will be honored as a unique individual and through the usage of data, individualized instruction, and open-ended conferencing, scholars will bloom as empowered, creative thinkers. Scholars will develop the educational tools today so they are ready to rise up as leaders in our community tomorrow.

School Culture

At KIPP Soul Primary, we wholeheartedly trust in the power of our voice, value the dynamics of our relationships, and honor the stories of those who have come before us. As a Team & Family, we will share our own history and courageously advocate for the education and lives we deserve. Scholars will actively reflect on their own identities, discuss and engage in restorative justice to create solutions for themselves and their lives that empower them to rise to their greatness. We believe strong relationships with each other, our families, and our communities will guide our path as we emerge to be critical thinkers with a passion for learning. We know that what we do today matters and the respect, love, courage, tenacity, and soul we develop for ourselves and those around us support our growth as we bloom into socially responsible scholars who will transform our current reality.

Core Values






School Leader

Tasha Davis is the founding principal of KIPP Soul Primary School in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to founding KIPP Soul Primary School, Ms. Davis was the principal of KIPP Vision Academy. Her career in education spans 16 years, including 7 in educational leadership. Ms. Davis has a B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies from Colorado State University and a M.A.T. from Grand Canyon University.

Before joining the KIPP team and family in July 2013, Ms. Davis spent two years on the leadership team at Explore Charter School in Brooklyn, New York, developing a rigorous culture of student achievement for Kindergarten through eighth grade scholars in Brooklyn. Prior to that, she was in the classroom instructing third grade students in reading, writing, math and social studies at Explore Charter School.

Ms. Davis is passionate about education and is honored to open a school that provides educational excellence for all families. Outside of school, Ms. Davis enjoys running marathons, reading books, and being the proud of auntie of four nephews and a niece.

Family Partnership

At KIPP Soul Primary School, we believe that families are partners in their scholars’ education. There are a number of ways for families to be involved at school:

  • Family Literacy
  • Family Involvement
    • Regular School Visits
    • Volunteer Opportunities
  • KIPPster Support Conferences
  • KIPPster Family Leadership Academy – KIPP Soul Primary School invites all families to participate in our KIPPster Family Leadership Academy (KFLA) to involve families in supporting school operations and realization of our school vision. The KFLA exists first and foremost to support the instructional program and school values of KIPP Soul Primary School. The KFLA will meet monthly during the school year. Families are highly encouraged to get involved in the life of the school by attending KFLA meetings as often as possible. In addition, the Leadership Team of KFLA and the Family Liaison coordinates Family Leadership Academy workshops. These workshops are designed to provide parents with useful information to support their KIPPsters.
  • Advisory Board
  • Family Home Visits

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