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KIPP South Fulton Academy

KIPP South Fulton Academy is a tuition-free public charter middle school located in South Fulton County. Founded in 2003, we serve approximately 320 students in fifth through eighth grade. KIPP South Fulton Academy is part of KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools and the national KIPP network of schools preparing students for success in college and in life.

Our Mission

The mission of KIPP South Fulton Academy is to strengthen the knowledge, skills, character, and physical fitness of students in South Fulton County, thereby creating opportunities for success in top-notch high schools, colleges, and the competitive world beyond.

We are currently serving Grades 5-8

KIPP South Fulton Academy students


KIPP South Fulton Academy

1286 E Washington Ave, East Point, GA 30344

T 678-278-0160


At KIPP South Fulton Academy, we believe there are no shortcuts to success. Our teachers, students and parents sign the KIPP Commitment to Excellence to ensure everyone understands the dedication and hard work it takes to obtain a college education. Students receive rigorous daily instruction in the core curricular areas of reading, language arts, math, science, and social studies. Students also take courses in other areas such as physical education, computer technology, study skills, high school prep, band, dance, and theater to round out their middle school experience.

KIPP South Fulton Academy leader and students
KIPP South Fulton Academy leader and students

School Culture

At KIPP South Fulton Academy, we have chosen a focused approach to teaching, learning, and implementing four key character strengths: grit, optimism, social intelligence, and gratitude. We believe that education should attend not only to the minds of our children, but to their bodies and spirits as well. Our program has a strong character education component, focusing on the core values of family and friendship, integrity, responsibility, and excellence. We believe that the most impactful way to teach character is through “Big KIPPsters” (our staff members) modeling what strong character looks like for our students. We inculcate staff members with the character strengths during professional development work sessions, and teachers infuse them into their lessons. SFA is focused on educating the whole child.

Core Values



Social Intelligence


School Leader

Jondré Pryor is one of the longest-serving school leaders in the national KIPP network, now in his eighth year. He has been a member of the KIPP South Fulton Academy team and family for twelve years, where he began as the sixth-grade math teacher. Prior to KIPP, Jondré was a Teach for America corps member and program director. In addition to his hometown of Atlanta, he has taught in Oakland, New York, and New Orleans. Jondré graduated from Hampton University with a degree in Political Science.

KIPP South Fulton Academy

School Recognition

  • Recognized by the Georgia Department of Education as a Highest Performing Reward School (top five percent of Title I schools in the state) for four consecutive years
  • Principal Jondré Pryor won the 2016 Georgia Charter School Association Principal of the Year Award
  • Math teacher Brandom Jones was named the 2015 Georgia Charter School Association Teacher of the Year
  • Recognized as a 2012 Georgia School of Excellence by the Georgia Department of Education
  • Girls’ basketball and flag football teams won the 2015 Luke Sports league

Community Partners

UR Worth It! has partnered with KIPP South Fulton Academy to bring their U Can Do It! Leadership Empowerment Achievement Program (LEAP) to the 6th grade class. UR Worth It was founded to help children build confidence, communicate effectively, take responsibility for their actions, and set goals for success and thus heighten self-worth. The program includes both the students and their parents or caretakers and is designed and implemented by PhD Psychologists over a 12 month period.

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KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools is a network of free public charter schools serving students in the communities of West Atlanta, Southeast Atlanta, and East Point. Enrollment is open to all students; any student who qualifies for public school within Atlanta Public Schools or Fulton County Schools qualifies for KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools.


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