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KIPP STRIVE Academy is a tuition-free public charter school located in the West End/Westview neighborhood in Atlanta. Founded in 2009, KIPP STRIVE Academy currently educates approximately 320 students in grades five through eight.  KIPP STRIVE Academy is a rigorous college preparatory school that is part of KIPP Metro Atlanta and the national KIPP network of schools preparing students for success in college and in life.

Our Mission

KIPP STRIVE Academy equips students in grades five through eight with the tools necessary to excel in competitive high schools, colleges, and professional careers. STRIVE stands for Success Through Rigorous Instruction, Virtue, and Enrichment and our students and staff embody this approach each and every day.

We are currently serving Grades 5-8


KIPP STRIVE Academy’s academic program is based upon the Georgia Standards of Excellence, but the program is accelerated and taught rigorously to ensure that students are prepared for a college preparatory high school upon eighth-grade completion. Our school places strong emphasis on reading, writing, and critical thinking. Students are expected to provide written responses and defend their positions with evidence in all classes and we encourage students to develop multiple approaches in response to real-world challenges. We believe that the best way to prepare our students for college and careers is to ensure that they have mastery of content knowledge combined with strong academic habits and character traits that transfer across all subject areas and experiences.


School Culture

The culture of KIPP STRIVE Academy is centered upon being calm and positive. This creates an environment where scholars are treated and encouraged with love, fairness and empowerment. The school’s five main values help create and support this environment and are woven throughout everything we do. Our REACH values stand for respect, enthusiasm, achievement, citizenship, and hard work. Scholars, teachers, and parents are expected to maintain high expectations and demonstrate the “REACH” values in their classes and in their daily interactions with one another. Character education is embedded throughout our program – our students learn about the REACH values the moment they become KIPPsters and these values become deeply internalized as students progress through grade levels. Through our unique culture, students learn the importance of being not only great students, but also great people.

Core Values





Hard Work

School Leader

Kimberly Karacalidis is the School Leader at KIPP STRIVE Academy. She began her career as a Teach For America Corps Member in Atlanta, where she taught students in several different grade levels at Oglethorpe Elementary School for three years. Kim was a founding teacher at KIPP WAYS Academy, where she continued on as a vice-principal and principal. Over the last five years, Kim has held the positions of Director of Strategic Initiatives and Dean at KIPP STRIVE Academy. Kim received a B.A. in Religious Studies from Agnes Scott College and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Georgia State University.

School Recognition

  • 2016 Georgia Charter School of the Year, Georgia Charter Schools Association
  • 2015 National Blue Ribbon School, United States Department of Education
  • 2015 Title I Highest Performing Reward School, Georgia Department of Education
  • 2014 Title I Highest Performing Reward School, Georgia Department of Education
  • 2013 Title I Highest Progress Reward School, Georgia Department of Education

Community Partners

KIPP STRIVE Academy is grateful for the support of the following community partners:

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