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KIPP STRIVE Primary School

At KIPP STRIVE Primary, we are focused on preparing our scholars for college beginning in kindergarten. By having two skillful teachers in each kindergarten classroom, our scholars benefit from differentiated and small group instruction, assessment, and character development. We offer an extended school day and year led by loving, dedicated staff in a positive, safe environment.

Our Mission

It is the mission of KIPP STRIVE Primary School to grow, in each and every one of our scholars, the intellect and character necessary to achieve and lead in middle school, high school, college, and beyond.

We serve grades K-4


To begin the path to and through college in Kindergarten, KIPP STRIVE Primary School ensures that our scholars both learn to read and read to learn. Our school implements a balanced literacy framework across content areas to ensure that all scholars have frequent access to literacy instruction. Our extended literacy block affords our scholars an extensive 155 minutes of literacy instruction daily. In addition to the Common Core Standards in reading, English Language Arts, and math, which contain strong connections between literacy and other subject areas, we use intentional strategies to connect literacy to other content areas, such as journals and word problems in math, outlining information from text in science, and concept maps and graphic organizers to synthesize written information in writing/social studies. At our school, we believe that conceptual math encourages our scholars to view math as a tool rather than a procedure. In this way, math grows beyond numbers on a page into being a creative means of thinking. In order to achieve this aim, conceptual math instruction follows a concrete to representational to abstract progression.

School Culture

At KIPP STRIVE Primary School, we are deeply commitment to character development. As such, we like to say that our focus is “51% character and 49% academics.” We believe that love is a key component to the teaching, learning, and character development processes. More specifically, our school is built on the belief that it is our responsibility as educators to nurture in each scholar a rooted love for themselves, for others, for learning, and for bettering our world. It is through this encompassing love that our scholars will become authentically and fervently invested in their climb to and through college, understanding their successes in academics and character as the means to express their gifts as leaders. We believe that our scholars will become enlivened by the love and rigor they experience as members of our school community and, as a result, they will develop into intelligent, empowered, servant leaders eager to transform our community and world.

Core Values







Lakeesha Ramdhanie is the principal for KIPP STRIVE Primary School. Ms. Ramdhanie began her career in education as a founding kindergarten teacher at KIPP SPARK Academy in Newark, New Jersey, where she taught kindergarten for three years. Originally from the Bronx, New York, Ms. Ramdhanie was honored to begin her career serving her regional community where she gained her initial interest in becoming an educator.

In 2012, Ms. Ramdhanie was afforded the opportunity to help establish Atlanta’s first KIPP elementary school as the founding dean. Ms. Ramdhanie had come to know and love Atlanta, Georgia, by way of her time at Spelman College, where she earned a B.A. in Psychology in 2009. She earned her M.A in Organizational Leadership from Columbia University in 2015.

As a firm believer in continuous self-improvement, Ms. Ramdhanie participated in KIPP School Leadership Programming (KSLP) as a member of the 2016-Miles Family Fellowship cohort and 2017-Successor Prep cohort. In addition to these recent accomplishments, Ms. Ramdhanie was named Assistant Principal of the Year for the Atlanta Public School District. Ms. Ramdhanie attributes these successes to her commitment to education and her community. When not serving her scholars at KIPP STRIVE Primary School, Ms. Ramdhanie loves travelling, shopping, trying new restaurants, and spending time with her family.

Community Partners

KIPP STRIVE Primary School is foremost a community school. We love our local and larger communities and are honored to have a role in our community ecosystem. We believe that it is essential to create an atmosphere that welcomes all stakeholders as partners in the education of our scholars; as a result, collaboration continues to be a key priority for our school. Our families are our foremost collaborative partners. Beginning in Kindergarten, we maximize the increased level of involvement that comes so naturally with families of early elementary scholars by visiting each family at their home for a New Family Welcome Visit. We continue to nurture these relationships to keep families actively involved, even as our scholars grow older, by taking a multi-pronged approach to communication. To provide our families with essential information, we produce Love Notes, a weekly school e-newsletter. As an extension to the e-newsletter, we utilize grandparents, the “G-mom Squad”, to make weekly family connection calls. To facilitate communication between teachers and families, each homeroom has a classroom website that is collaboratively maintained by the homeroom teacher and room parent. We also host regular Family Nights centered on engaging families in literacy, math enrichment, and character content.

In addition to strong family partnerships, our school has fostered a number of partnerships with community organizations, including:

  • The Bonner Scholars Program: Students from Spelman College and Morehouse College serve as mentors to our scholars and teach extracurricular activities.
  • The Fernbank Museum of Natural History provides science programming, curriculum, and hands-on instruction during field lessons.
  • Mercer University trusts us to provide quality student-teacher practicum experiences.
  • Teach For America – Metro Atlanta helps us identify strong teacher talent as we grow our school each year.
  • The YMCA of Metro Atlanta supports our student recruitment efforts through their Head Start and Pre-K programs.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers provide a valuable service to KIPP STRIVE Primary School and we encourage our parents to volunteer in the school. Our Parent Support Coordinator and the School Operations Manager assist in securing volunteers. Volunteers must be assigned to a specific area or activity during the school day. If you would like to volunteer at KIPP STRIVE Primary School, please contact the Parent Support Coordinator through the office phone number.

School Recognition

  • KIPP STRIVE Primary School has been named a top-performing school across the national KIPP network for three consecutive years (2012-15).
  • Our LOVE Music Performance Group has had a number of notable performances, including KIPP School Summit (2015 and 2016) in Los Angeles, and Teach For America Day with First Lady Deal (2014).

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