Who We Are

KIPP Vision Primary is a tuition-free, public charter elementary school in Southeast Atlanta.  It is located on the KIPP Vision Campus, along with KlPP Vision Academy.  KIPP Vision Primary opened in July 2013 with 100 kindergarten students, and will grow a grade per year until serving grades K-4 in 2017. To learn more click here.

What is New

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What We Do

At KIPP Vision Primary, the path to and through college begins in kindergarten! We are committed to building upon KIPP’s track record of success in the Atlanta Public Schools by ensuring that our students are prepared with the foundational academic and character skills necessary to achieve in excellent middle schools, high schools, college and beyond.

KIPP Vision Primary
660 McWilliams Road SE
Atlanta, GA 30315

Phone: 404-537-5252

Fax: 404-835-3306