Our Supporters

KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools

KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools is deeply grateful for the support from donors who are committed to the growth, quality, and success of our schools, and who share our vision of transforming the lives of underserved students through education. We would like to thank the following philanthropic partners who made generous gifts in Fiscal Year 2015 (between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015).



A.J. Robinson and Nicole

Ellerine Family Fund

Amica Companies Foundation

Anne and Alex Bernhardt Foundation

The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

Arthur Rock and Toni Rembe Foundation

Balloun Family Foundation

Bank of America Foundation

Beautiful Star Philanthropic Fund

The Belk Foundation

The Brewer Fund

Brian and Karla Sadler Charitable Fund

Catherine W. and Edwin A. Wahlen, Jr. Foundation Fund

Charter School Growth Fund

Chick-Fil-A Foundation

Cobb Community Foundation

The Cohen Family Foundation

Community & Southern BankFoundation

Connolly Family Foundation

The Costley Family Foundation

The David, Helen, and Marian Woodward Fund – Atlanta

Douglas J. Hertz Family Foundation

ELMA Music Foundation

Emily Winship Scott Foundation

The Evans Family Charitable Fund

Foundation for a Better World, Inc.

The Frances and Beverly DuBose Foundation, Inc.

Fred and Sara Jean Burke Family Foundation Fund

The Goizueta Foundation

The Helen Fuqua Charitable Fund

The Home Depot Foundation

The Imlay Foundation

J. B. Fuqua Foundation, Inc.

Jack and Jean Ward Advised Fund

Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta

Jim and Janet Letson Charitable Fund

John and Mary Franklin Foundation

John H. and Wilhelmina D. Harland Charitable Foundation

Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation

Kay Family Foundation Fund

KELIN Foundation

The Kendeda Fund

KIPP Foundation

The Livingston Foundation

The Marcus Foundation

Mary Alice and Bennett Brown Foundation

McKenna Long & Aldridge Foundation

Morgridge Family Foundation

Peter Howland Family Fund at the Rhode Island Foundation

R. Howard Dobbs, Jr. Foundation

Rich Foundation

Robyn and David A. Cole Family Fund

The Ron and Carol Beerman Philanthropic Fund

Salesforce Foundation

The Sara Giles Moore Foundation

The Sartain Lanier Family Foundation

Thunder Bay Fund Children’s Charities

Tolleson Family Foundation

Tull Charitable Foundation, Inc.

United Way of Greater Atlanta

Vogel Family Foundation

The Walton Family Foundation

The Ward Foundation

Wilds L. Pierce II Charitable Foundation

The Zeist Foundation, Inc.


AT&T Employee Giving Campaign

Atlantic Capital Bank

Atlantic Trust Private Wealth Management

Bank of America Matching Gift Program

Boston Consulting Group, Inc.


The Clorox Company

The Coca Cola Company

Matching Gifts Program

Colliers International

The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

Cornercap Investment Counsel

Cox Enterprises


Delta Air Lines

Deutsche Bank

Dorsey Alston Realtors

Ed Farley & Associates


Frazier & Deeter, LLC

Genuine Parts Company

Georgia Charter Schools Association

Georgia Commerce Bank

Global Payments

GMT Capital Corp

Goldman Sachs


Jones Day

Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Inc.

King & Spalding, LLP

Lawyers Club of Atlanta, Inc.

Mauldin & Jenkins

McKenney’s, Inc.

McMaster-Carr Supply Company

Momar Incorporated

MTBL Consulting, LLC

Mueller Water Products

Patterson Real Estate Advisory Group, LLC

Principal Life Insurance Company


Raymond James Financial, Inc.

Realty Atlanta Midtown, LLC

Recall Corporation

Rotary Club of Atlanta

SAP America

Sherrill & Hutchins Financial Advisory

State of Georgia (Innovation Fund)

SunTrust Bank, Atlanta

SweetWater Brewing Company

Teach For America−Metro Atlanta

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program


Sheyda Aboutalebi

Howell and Madeline Adams

Jeffrey and Corinne Adams

J. Douglas Alexander

Tonja Alexander

John Allan

Sonia Alvarez-Robinson

Peter Aman

Robert and Dean Anastasi

Kim Anderson

Raphael Anderson

Richard and Susan Anderson

Stephen Andrews and Doris L. Downs

James Angelos

Joe Arnold

William Arnold

Tom and Deborah Avery

Brendan Baby

Anoosh Bahraini

Christine and John Bakalar

Theresa D. Baker-King

Balloun Family Fund

Richard Barth and Wendy Kopp

Nancy Beane

James and Cynthia Beasley

Tom and Suzanna Beaty

Bruce and Cynthia Becker

Fred and Mary Beerman

Ron and Carol Beerman

Bill Beery

David Bellaire

Anne Bennett

Shauna Bentley

Dave and Maureen Berger

Barry and Martha Berlin

BJ Bernstein

Douglas and Melissa Biggs

Kirk Billings

Donald Blackburn

Jerome and Elaine Blumenthal

Jim and Edith Bostic

Drs. Thomas and Catherine

Ross Boston

Henry Bowden

Celeste Boyd-Spear

Blair Brading

Kate and Lyons Brewer

Patrick and Elizabeth Broderick

Jody Brooks

Kathe and Morris Brown

Carie Buchanan

Laurel and Gordon Buchmiller

Mark and Heather Buffington

David and Sally Burge

Fred and Sara Jean Burke

Rita Burnat

Kyra Caldwell

Ross Cannon

Lee and Leigh Cardwell

Dr. Meria Carstarphen

Ned and Elizabeth Case

Bedford and Sarah Cash

Grace and David Cass

Toby Chambers

Hwang-mei and Chiu-shan Chang

Lucinda and Bob Chapman

Tomeka Cherry

Sidney and Don Childress

Sandra Christian

Thomas and Aimee Chubb

H. Malcolm Clark

Melissa Claugus

Teresa Claugus

Thomas Claugus

Sheilah Clay

Marina and Carl Cofield

Howard and Caryl Cohen

David and Robyn Cole

Tammie Coley

Laura Compton

Heather S. Comstra

Susan Conger

Evan Connell

George Connell

Kevin Conniff

Miles and Nicole Cook

Vaughan Cooper

LeighAnn and Chad Costley

Warner R. Couch

Tanya Counter

Abigail Cox

Benjamin Cox

James and Virginia Crowley

Bradley Currey

Andy and Betty Jo Currie

Lavona Currie

Thomas Cypher

Barry Daniel

Bruce Daniels

Vonetta Daniels

Jamina Cole D’Amico

Jessica D’Annunizo

Gilbert and Julie Davis

Pete Davis

Silvia de la Cruz

Rick Deane

Nichole and Nathan Deluke

Sachin Desai

Reed and Roberta Deupree

Marilyn Dickerson

James Dillard

Elaine and Shep Dinos

Keith Donnelly

Jessica Douglas

Carl and Elise Drake

Bo and Eileen DuBose

Elizabeth DuBose

Robert Dunn

Torarie Durden and C.C. Williams

Greg and Kattia Easterly

Barbara Edelin

Milton Edelin

David Edwards

Kathleen Edwards

Paul Elizondo

Erika Ellison

Elizabeth W. Elloitt

Clark and Bonnie Emerson

Bob Arotsky and Ilene Engel

Elise Eplan

Jon and Vanessa Evans

Randy and Vicki Evans

Manning and John Fairey

James Fallon

Vivian and Roger Farah

Elizabeth Mary Ferrara

Frank and Jacqueline Ferris

Irial and Dierdre Finan

John Fischer

Alan and Jane Fishman

Hunter Fleetwood

Gray Fleming

Sean and Kim Fogarty

J. DeLano Ford

Robert and Meeghan Fortson

Rebecca Fouche

David and Tricia Frame

Sara and Robert Franco

Jason Frank

Chip and Dorothy Franzoni

Selden Frissell

Ally and Lynne Fuqua

Rex and Duvall Fuqua

Siobhan A. Gardner

Jeff Gaster

Peter and Gina Genz

Whitney and David Gerkin

Adia German

Harvey Gilbert

Brent S. Gilfedder

John and Marty Gillin

Tom and Connie Glaser

Desiree Glover

Frank and Nancy Glover

Taylor and Shearon Glover

Robert and Naomi Godfrey

Twana Goodloe-Vintes

Robert U. Goodman

John and Helen Gordon

Thomas A. Gould

Jared Gourrier

Bradley and Erin Graner

Nicholas Grant

Minnedore Green

Nancy E. Hadley

Rand and Seth Hagen

Alex Hahn

Robert Hahn and Stephanie Sherman

F. Sheffield and Elizabeth Hale

Jason and Louise Hammer

Michael and Karen Hammer

Larry and Vickie Hampton

Bill and Sudie Hanger

Jaymes Hanna

Jefferson Harralson

Drs. Sidney E. and Mary S. Harris

Evan Hart

Brian Harvel

Sandeep Heda

Darien Henry

Alexander Higgs

Alex Hill

Bill and Melba Hill

Nicholas Hill

Richard and Dorothy Hines

Etta R. Hirsch

Carson and Ryan Hobbs

Kevin Hodges

Tommy and Beth Holder

Amy Hendren

Roger House

Herman Howard

Dave and Emily Howland

Mike and Laura Hubbell

David and Connie Huelsbeck

Joe and Diane Hurley

Patricia Hurley

David Huseth

Tad and Janin Hutcheson

Eden L. Hutchins

Randy Hyman

Anne Irwin

Joel and Mary Stuart Iverson

Karen Jaramillo

J.J. Jaxon

Derrick Jenkins

David Jernigan

Warren and Sally Jobe

Caroline John

Tharon Johnson

Craig and Mary Coleman Jones

Stephanie Jones

Thomas and Elinor Jones

Greg and Holly Judge

Tanya Judge

Kathy Judy

F. Burton and Elizabeth Kann

Lefteri Karacalidis

Michael and Ann Kay

Samreen Khan

Pete and Terri Kight

Robert Kight

Brigitte Killings

Charles and Sabrina King, Sr.

Marsh and Mary King

David and Mary Jane Kirkpatrick

Scott and Kimberly Kitchens

Daniel Kolb

Peter Konz

Chad Lane

James and Regina Lanigan

John Lanigan, Jr.

Elizabeth and Peter Lauer

Cheryl Leitz

Amanda Lewis

Andrew Lewis

Judy Lin and David T. McMurtry

Lauren Linder

Hollis and Matthew Linginfelter

Sandy and Hank Linginfelter

Gregory Lionberger

Carolyn C. Lisbon

Muriel Littman

Dennis Love

L. Loveland

Paul Luppino

Kevin and Staci Lynch

Cheryl L. MacKinnon

Meghan and Clarke Magruder

Daniel P. and Tucker Ballard Mahoney

Justin Major

Sabrina Mallett

Adam and Lindsey Mangone

Kelly Mann

Jean Ann Mansfield

Tim and Mary Mapes

Scott B. Mario

Sam Matchett

Whitney and Kevin Maxwell

Atiba Mbiwan

Douglas and Carol McAlpine

Kerry McArdle

Mona and Phil McArdle

Jane McCauley

Lisa and Tom McChesney

Spence McClelland

Ollie and Stacey McCoy

Elizabeth McCurtain

Connie and Ken McDaniel

Billy and Dianne McDavid

Brian and Toby McGuire

Thomas P. McNulty

Leonard and Jennifer McReynolds

Catherine and Bill Mealor

Nick Meeks

Philip and Kirsten Mekelburg

Marc Merlin

Selby Merritt

David Mills

Katie N. Mock and Timothy McClanahan

Marni and Julian Mohr

Ellen Monk

Cynthia Monroe

Gairy R. Moore

Sarah Moore

Dustin Moriarty

Steven and Vicki Morris

W. Hampton and Carter H. Morris

Charlie and Brenda Moseley

Thomas and Clair Muller

Avery and Valerie Munnings

Bill Murray

Richard Murray

Joseph V. Myers, III

Brian and Kara Mylod

Usha Nair-Reichert

Erica Nanke

Martha Nedderman

Jeffrey and Anne Neikirk

Michael Neville

James and Carol Ney

Ted Noble

Guerry Norwood

Nancy Nunn

Vernetta Nuriddin

Emily Nybo

Alexander Oliver

Eric Olsen

Lee and Steve Olsen

C. Kendi and Ashani O’Mard

Rachel Orrison

Michael O’Sullivan

Willson and David Overend

Pierce Owings

Steve and Susan Owings

Melody Palmore

Ashi and Tejal Parikh

Laura Parker

Sajal Patel

Kinnari Patel-Smyth and Richard Smyth

Erinn and Marc Pearson

Dana Pederson

Bud and Valerie Peterson

Eric and Anne Phillips

Hunter and Leslie Pierson

Walter Plyler

Timothy and Patrice Pollock

Chelle and Greg Pope

Harriet Porter

Judith A. Powell

Folami Prescott-Adams

Carlette Prince

Lisa Pritchard

Tom and Elizabeth Pritchard

William Pritchard

Jondré Pryor

David Pulliam

Lombard Puri

Kerry Quinn

Carol and Stephen Raeber

Michael and Carrie Raeber

Deepak and Priya Raghavan

George and Sally Read

Travis and Kristi Reaves

George and Claire Reid

Cleon Rice

Ann Richards

Russ and Sara Richards

Robert Rickles

Katie Rigby

Timothy and Jane Rigby

Mark and Becky Riley

A.J. and Nicole Robinson

Sakeissa Robinson

Sidney and Phyllis Rodbell


Laura Rodridgo

Eric Rosen

Ronald and Maxine Rosen

Michael S. Rosenberg

Ramona Russell

William Russell

Robert and Laura Sales

Ed Salley

Dawn Sanders

Rodney and Linda Sanders

Vincent and Ann Scacchitti

Deborah Schneider

Rebecca Schuetz

Roger and Maryearle Scovil

Sue Sehgal

Bart Seidner

Vernon and Brenda Sermon

Daniel and Lynn Sharp

Mark Sheerin

Elizabeth and James Shelton

Stephanie and Robert Sherman

Jessica Sherrill

Tom and Dianne Sherrill

Joseph Shiffler

Michael Simone

John Simpson

Rachel Simpson

Jodie Skorecki

Frank and Deborah Slover

Joanne D. Smith

Ontario and Rian Perry Smith

Justin and Sallie Stanley

Mary-Kate and Will Starkel

Chris Statham

Alexandria and Ed Sternstein

Logan and Laura Stevens

Akissi Stokes

Alison Stokes

Richard Storrs

Sam Story

Cheryl Strickland

Eric and Kimberley Strickland

Catrice Swann

Lovita Tandy

Robyn O. Tanenbaum

Andrew Taylor

David H. Tenney

Elaine Thagard

Stephanie Thames

Edward and Kristina Thomas

Rebecca Thompson

Robert and Dede Thompson

Anthony Toliver

Anne and Pat Tolleson

Nancy Toro

Midge Tracey

Magaret Tracy

The Trotter Family

Yasmin Tyler-Hill

Dana and Obi Ugwonali, M.D.

Andrew Vantine

Kathryn Venz

Kim Vo

Bill and Judy Vogel

Kyle Waide

Sonya Walston

Seth and Kirsten Walton

Jack and Jean Ward

Clifford and Jessica Warren

Irma Webb

Jonathan and Lissa Webber

John and Julie Webster

Howard and Joan Weinstein

Steven and Melinda Wertheim

Mark and Randi Wesley

Amy Wheeler

Mike and Dana White

Vernon and Amy White

William Whitesides

Warren and Anna Wick

Richard Wicklund

Doug and Barbara Wiley

Andrew Williams

Barb and Thomas Williams

James Williams

Larry and Yeardley Williams

Sterling Williams

Jeffrey W. Willis

Jim and Heather Wininger

Alan and Tracy Wise

Bruce Woodward

Paul Woodworth

Troy Wright

Charles and Mary Yates

Dennis and Marietta Zakas

Marko and Alana Zrno

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