Program Overview

I accepted an offer for the KIPP Metro Atlanta Teaching Residency. Am I automatically enrolled into a graduate program?

Your offer from KIPP is contingent upon successfully being admitted into our graduate partner. Because we review all candidates’ unofficial transcripts during the interview process, you should be admitted into the program without issue unless you fail to complete your admissions application on time or your official transcripts differ from your unofficial transcripts. More information will be provided during our interview process.

When does the 2018-19 KIPP Metro Atlanta Teaching Residency program begin?

The 2018-19 KIPP Metro Atlanta Teaching Residency year will likely begin in early July 2018, when Residents will be required to attend induction, a two-week in-person summer session. Residents can expect to then begin their school-specific summer training and professional development until the school year begins in late July 2018.

How long is the KIPP Metro Atlanta Teaching Residency program?

The residency is a two-year program, followed by an additional two-year commitment to teaching at KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools.

Will I be a full-time teacher my first year?

You will be a full-time employee, but will not be a lead teacher in your first year. You will share a classroom with a strong, experienced teacher who will gradually give you more teaching responsibilities in the classroom over the course of the year. In your second year, you will be the lead teacher of record in your own classroom.

Does the KIPP Metro Atlanta Teaching Residency offer a salary and benefits package?

Residents will be provided with a competitive salary and benefits package through KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools during their residency year and by the school where they will serve as a lead teacher during their second year.

Does the KIPP Metro Atlanta Teaching Residency train residents in all grade levels and all subject areas?

The KIPP Metro Atlanta Teaching Residency priority for the first cohort is to train and place teachers in Elementary, Secondary Math, Secondary Science, Secondary English Language Arts, Primary Special Education, and Secondary Special Education classrooms.

Selection Process

How does the residency selection process work?

All interested candidates must complete and submit the online application. Applicants will then either be invited to participate in an online interview or will be notified that their application has been declined. All applicants who pass the online interview will be invited to an in-person interview during which they will meet with representatives from KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools. Candidates are typically notified of their final status within two weeks of their in-person interview.

What does an in-person interview day look like for a candidate?

The interview day includes an information session, a tour of one of our schools, lunch with students, several group activities, a Q&A session with current KIPP teachers, and two separate interviews with leaders from KIPP. The interview day is a full-day experience aimed at providing candidates a holistic view of what it is like to be a Team & Family member at KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools.

I currently live out of state. Does KIPP provide travel reimbursement for the interview day?

If you are invited to the in-person interview day and currently live outside of Georgia, KIPP will provide up to $250 in reimbursements for qualified travel expenses. Additional information will be provided prior to the interview day.

If I am already a teacher, can I apply for the residency program?

The residency is designed for aspiring teachers who do not have any lead teaching experience. If you have been a teacher in your own classroom for a year or longer, you are not eligible for this program. If you have student teaching, tutoring, or substitute teaching experience (or did not complete a full year as a lead teacher), you are still qualified for the residency.

Resident Placement

How are residents placed?

Residents may be placed at any KIPP Metro Atlanta school in a K-4th grade classroom, or in a secondary math, English, science, or special education classroom. Placements are determined by school need, resident advisor availability, and resident preferences. Priority for placement preferences (content, grade level, and location) will be given to those who apply by the earlier deadlines. The earlier you apply, the more likely you are to receive a placement in your preferred content and grade level.

When will I know my placement?

Once you accept your offer, you will be given a high-level placement (primary, middle, or high school content area). Residents will be notified of their specific school, grade level, and subject placements in late May or early June.

As a second-year Resident, will I be placed in a KIPP Metro Atlanta school?

Second-year placements will be based on school needs and residents will undergo the hiring match process in late spring 2019 at a KIPP Metro Atlanta school.


Are relocation stipends provided for the KIPP Metro Atlanta Teaching Residency?

KIPP Metro Atlanta does not provide relocation stipends for the Metro Atlanta Teaching Residency.

If I receive an offer with the KIPP Metro Atlanta Teaching Residency, when do I need to accept my offer?

We typically ask our candidates to accept or decline their offer within a week of receiving the offer.

I’m currently in a MAT program, can I transfer my credits?

Graduate students in the Relay Graduate School of Education’s Master of Arts in Teaching program follow an intentionally designed, spiraled curriculum that addresses the needs of beginning teachers in concert with the Residency experience. Relay does not accept transfer credit from other institutions.