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At KIPP Soul Primary School, co-curricular programs are referred to as our Fine Arts program. This college-based language allows scholars to relate to their Fine Arts classes as a craft they can develop over time and potentially major in during college. Scholars’ initial exposure to Fine Arts in grades K-3 is designed to provide exposure to many different Fine Arts programs and every year they will be able to take all of the Fine Arts classes offered. By fourth grade scholars will be asked to “major” in a Fine Arts class and will study one discipline for the duration of the year, preparing them for what to expect in middle school and high school.

During the 2018-19 school year, we will begin with Music. Music is an expression of the soul and aligns with our values. Scholar voices are important and they will learn from Kindergarten that their voice matters and can be expressed in multiple ways. Though music scholars will have an alternate way to express themselves and will learn the power of the spoken word. Scholars will learn that music is another vehicle for social change and they will internalize their access to the power of music.

Beginning in the 2019-20 school year, scholars will also have an opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities outside of the school day that will further develop their passions.

Additionally, scholars will have enrichment opportunities that extend their learning and take advantage of our extended school year. These activities include:

  • Success Academy: Success Academy will offer Kindergarten and first graders scholars an opportunity to learn the culture, character, and values of KIPP Soul Primary School before the academic year and to practice culture in our community. Success Academy will be three days before the academic school year begins and will extend into the first six weeks of the academic year.
  • Field Lessons: Field Lessons are a valuable opportunity for scholars to apply the skills they are learning in the classroom to the larger world beyond. This is imperative for scholars to be prepared as they journey through middle school, high school, college, and the competitive world beyond. These are opportunities for scholars to be prepared to apply their knowledge and practice their skills outside the classroom.

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