School Schedule

Kindergarten Example Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Team and Family Huddle

7:05-7:15am 10 minutes

Breakfast and Family Literacy Time

7:15-7:40am 25 minutes

Morning Meeting

7:40-8:10am 30 minutes


8:10-8:35am 25 minutes

Small Group Reading

8:40-9:55am 75 minutes


10:00-10:30am 30 minutes

Kindergarten Social Block (Playground/Gym)

10:35-10:55am 20 minutes

Kindergarten Lunch

11:00-11:25am 25 minutes


11:30-11:50am 20 minutes


11:50-12:20pm 30 minutes

Math Block

12:20-1:20pm 60 minutes

Math Problem Solving

1:20-1:50pm 30 minutes

Fine Arts

1:55-2:45pm 50 minutes

CCARE Block – Social Justice Project-Based Learning/Science/Kelso’s Choice

3:00-3:50pm 50 minutes

Closing Routines

3:50-4:00pm 10 minutes



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