KIPP Leadership & Support

School Support Teams

Our regional shared-services team, KIPP Metro Atlanta Collaborative (KIPP MAC), supports each of our eight schools in non-instructional areas so that our school leaders and teachers can focus on instruction. Additionally, each school has an office and administrative team that handles all school-based operations.

Leadership & Support Functions

Academic Support

Supports schools in making sure our scholars get world-class instruction, including curriculum, professional development, instructional coaching, and student support services.


Oversees student assessment and data collection and analysis, and supports data driven instruction across the region.

KIPP Through College

Supports and mentors our alumni to ensure they successfully complete their journey to and through college.

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Human Resources

Manages new hire onboarding, our compensation and benefits program, and employee engagement.


Secures great talent for our team and family.


Raises funds for programs like KIPP Through College, transportation, and capital improvements.


Manages marketing and communications within our team and family and to our external partners and community.


Makes sure we do what’s best for students in a financially sustainable and transparent way.


School-based and regional operations staff ensure that day-to-day activities run smoothly.

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Food Service

Serves nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snacks at schools and administers the National School Lunch Program.


Keeps our school buildings working, safe, and beautiful.

Who We’re Looking For

At KIPP, non-instructional employees believe that schools and teachers are the central figures in any education network, and strive to support them in any and every way possible to help drive student success. We are looking for professionals who are just as committed to our mission and to our KIPPsters as their colleagues in the classroom, and who want to use their unique skills and backgrounds to ensure our schools and KIPPsters have all the resources they need to succeed.

Some of the Things
We Do

  • Support KIPPsters as they apply to college
  • Lead training sessions for school-based academic leaders
  • Host fundraising events to raise money and awareness
KIPP Graduates

The Application Process


Complete a job application online, complete with resume and cover letter.


You’ll chat with the hiring manager who will get to know you beyond your resume to see if you and KIPP might be right for each other.


Performance Task

For some positions, you may complete a performance task relevant to the role to which you applied.

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You will meet the hiring manager or staff in person for an interview so that the team can learn more about you and  you can learn more about the role and organization.

Reference Checks

KIPP will reach out to your current or former coworkers to learn more about your potential fit.


If selected, you will receive an offer contingent upon reference check results.

Tips for Applicants

Follow these guidelines to strength your application:

  • Do your research.Before applying, read about KIPP and KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools. Check out our website and regional Facebook page to find out more about us.
  • Spend the time necessary to write a thoughtful cover letter. Ensure that both your resume and cover letter are appropriately customized to the job for which you are applying.
  • Make sure your references’ contact information is up to date, and reach out personally to tell them about the position you are applying for at KIPP.
  • You will typically hear from us within a reasonable amount of time if you have advanced to a first-round interview. The application process usually lasts anywhere from four to six weeks if you are selected to move forward.
  • Online Submission. Applications are only accepted online. To ensure a fair hiring process, any applications (including resumes and cover letters), submitted via email, fax, or in person will not be reviewed.
KIPP Atlanta Collegiate Student and teacher

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