Teachers talking

Residency Overview

The KIPP Metro Atlanta Teaching Residency is a unique and rigorous teacher preparation program that offers a supportive and powerful pathway for aspiring teachers to begin a rewarding career in the classroom. This selective, paid, two-year program immerses residents in intensive training through graduate coursework and thoughtful practice with a gradual on-ramp into teaching.

Over the course of the program, students will build their skills over time, beginning first as a full-time teacher-in-residence supporting a lead classroom teacher. As they progress during the first year, they’ll steadily gain responsibility leading small groups of students and delivering parts of lessons, until they are ready to instruct a whole class of students for extended periods of time. Once residents successfully complete the first year of the program, they will become a lead teacher at a KIPP Metro Atlanta school while continuing their MAT coursework

Throughout the two-year experience, residents will receive focused support from faculty and a dedicated Resident Advisor at their school. They’ll also have the opportunity to participate in “deliberate practice,” an intensive form of focused practice that has been proven to help experts — from concert musicians to professional athletes — develop complex skills.

Additionally, Residents will have the opportunity to engage in content development, case studies, and instructional rounds all aimed at building a continuous learning mindset and an eye for excellence in the classroom. Residents will complete the program with two years of full-time work experience, a toolkit of professional skills, teaching certification, and a master’s degree in teaching. This program is best suited for individuals who are passionate and committed to teaching as a long-term career path and are looking to become highly effective teachers for our students.