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At KIPP Metro Atlanta, you never stop learning. You’re part of a national network that’s leading the way in getting students to and through college, and your work has an impact on individual students and the broader community every day.

Why You’ll Love Working and Teaching
at KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools

You’ll Build a Better Tomorrow

You’ll be part of a network of 224 KIPP schools across the country supporting over 96,000 students and alumni on the journey from Kindergarten through college graduation.

You’ll Be Valued

Our teachers are competitively compensated and have the tools, training, and technology to bring excellence to the classroom.

KIPP Graduates

You’ll Be Part of our Team & Family

Team and Family has a special meaning at KIPP. While we are all individuals, we are one Team and Family, working together to prove what is possible for students across the city.

You’ll Be the Best You

We support our teachers with frequent individualized coaching, professional learning communities, leadership development programs, and extensive resource sharing.

You’ll Teach Character and Academics

We believe that character strengths such as grit, optimism, and gratitude are just as important to life outcomes as academic success. That’s why we engage students in meaningful conversations and authentic opportunities to explore and strengthen character.

You’ll Have Fun!

Whether at a talent show, chant competition, or family carnival, we create and celebrate joyful moments with our students, their families, and each other. Work Hard. Be Nice. Have Fun.


Health + Savings

KIPP Metro Atlanta offers comprehensive health, vision and dental insurance, as well as TRS (Teachers Retirement System) and a 403(b) plan.

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